All team members are intermittent, part time Federal employees. Our purpose is to deploy for up to 14 days, to a federally declared disaster, National Security Special Event, or other federal activation. We are covered by Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), Workers Comp and Professional Liability Insurance. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/OH-1 DMAT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Once activated, our mission is to: provide compassionate medical care to those in need, whenever or wherever we are needed.  Team members are paid on a General Schedule (GS) scale according to position. But, you will find that the membership of the OH-1 DMAT is driven by the concept of team pride and  service to of our country.  This is not a full time position and employment with the OH-1 DMAT/HHS is an enhancement to a full or part time job elsewhere.  However, when we deploy, we need your commitment to the mission at hand!

All applicants must go through a federal hiring process that will take at least 3 months. There is a time commitment required to remain deployable and there is required online training as well. You must remain in contact with the leadership of the team, just like you would any other employer. OH-1, is on primary call 4 times or 4 months out of the year and all Federalized members of the OH-1 DMAT are required to be available for deployment minimally TWO TIMES A YEAR. This enables our team members the flexibility of choosing their on-call rotations and deployments. Additionally, national/regional situations or events may occur during our non-primary on-call months, that may present additional opportunities to deploy either with OH-1 or as supplemental staff on other DMAT Teams in the National Disaster Medical System as part of the National Disaster Response Plan.

Once you have secured an official position on the team – you become an employee of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

We hold monthly meetings with educational presentations and we do offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the State of Ohio EMS Commission and the OHIO Board of Nursing. These training/informational meetings are scheduled 11 months out of the year. All members are encouraged to attend as many of these as they possibly can each year, as the nature and scope of our missions is everchanging. Being a Level 1 team, it is the expectation that all members of OH-1 are the highest trained and best prepared to answer the call to service when it arises. Education and training keep our members always prepared to respond to any assignment.

Hiring numbers will be restricted by position due to federal team requirements. Positions will no longer be available when our needs are met.

December 2014 Update: NDMS currently remains under a hiring freeze. If you are interested in a position, please submit your information via the link below. We are collecting contact and interest info for MD/DO, PA/NP/RN/Safety/IT/Logistics and Clerical personnel. We will contact you when a position is open. Applications will then be submitted via

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Contact Kathy D'Amore with questions about membership with OH-1 or any other administrative concerns.