Caring for the sick and injured after a major disaster is a humbling but rewarding experience. At the same time it also requires a knowledge of the special needs of disaster victims and an awareness of the potential dangers involved in disaster response. For these reasons OH-1 DMAT personnel initially undergo a specialized training curriculum before they are allowed to be deployed to the field.  But training and preparation does not stop there! Ongoing education is a cornerstone of our team’s “ever ready” posture. At our monthly meetings, there will always be a lecture or hands on skills training for our membership. Additionally, on-line training modules are constantly being developed by HHS for us to enhance and expand our disaster and all-hazards response capabilities.

Responder e-Learn

OH-1 Responder e-Learn Tutorial (Revised 12/10/2010)

Effective January 1, 2011, only members who have completed all e-Learn modules will be rostered and eligible for deployment.