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Team member Andy ” Shortbus” Klinger was selected to complete advanced JPAT training and assist in a field training exercise with the FCC in Buffalo NY.  Andy and Team Member Lauren Yeagle will also complete Advanced DMIS Train the Trainer training in July. When completed both will be deployable assets of NDMS as JPATS and DMIS team leaders not only for training within NDMS but also with other Federal Agencies.


45 members of the DMAT/MAC Strike teams plus five OH-1 Instructors were deployed to Frederick MD as part of the contingency response and in support of the annual Peace Officers Memorial, in Washington DC. MAC Strike team members were re-certified to perform their support functions and the DMAT members – most of whom were new additions to the crew interspersed with seasoned vets, had the first team “hands-on” training as a team in > 2 years. Tent skills, clinical skill stations and EMR hands on were completed.


MAC-ST personnel from OH-1 were deployed in support of the Presidential State of the Union Address. During their stay – they underwent refresher training and were re-certified to perform their support functions.


OH-1 was chosen to participate in the beta testing of the newly designed DMAT BOOT CAMP at the Center for Disaster Preparedness/Anniston AL. 5 command and NEW members of the OH-1 completed training in all phases of DMAT operations, building of a BOO, skill stations, etc and then participated in a multiple agency Keystone Event. This was the first trial of the new approach to DMAT training and provided essential feedback to NDMS to assist in the development of future training for ALL NDMS personnel


28 members total deployed to NJ and NY. OH-1 members embedded with; NC-1, TN-1, SC-1, TX-1, MN-1 and OH-5. Super Storm Sandy and N’oreaster Athena combined to create an epic and historical weather event that effected millions of US residents.



OH-1 Personnel Deployed for Hurricane Sandy – HHS/NDMS has initiated pre-positioning of some Federal assets in advance of Hurricane Sandy.  OH-1 has already tasked over 10 of its members with backfill support for other teams as well as prepared a full DMAT for immediate deployment.  The team is currently awaiting further instructions as the situation continue to evolve.


 Operation Noble Lifesaver – a DoD/National Guard/National Air Guard  NLE being held at Fort McCoy WI, is being supported with 10 members of the OH-1 who have completed the advanced training to become members of the national MAC-ST cadre. This will be a live flight collaborative Mission testing new SOPs, equipment and joint operations between NDMS and DoD. MAC-ST personnel from OH-1 are the anchor of the NDMS clinical staff, combining forces with the clinical staff of the IMSuRT/South to staff the MAC for this operation. This is a great honor for OH-1 to chosen to participate in this Regional ground breaking exercise.



23 members of the OH-1 were selected and provided public medical support for the 2012 Independence Day Celebration in Washington D.C. A three day sortie, DMAT was coupled with NIH, CDC and USPS medical providers who together manned “cooling stations” and public access medical treatment stations across the Mall in D.C.


OH-1 is preparing to send a contingent of dedicated members to the 2012 Integrated Training Summit.  Each year, workshops at the summit enhance our members’ knowledge and readiness.  This year will be no different!  (1 May 2012)

OH-1 Makes it’s Debut in the National NDMS NEWSLETTER     10 October 2011

Make sure you check your emails and read the article published about the team. Thanksto Dr MacNeal, his wife Tamara, Drs. Sock & Laux and Zip for collaborating on this great profile the reflects our team PRIDe and sense of FAMILY!


Another deployment completed! 47 members deployed for Operation Irene and successful missions have been acknowledged by NDMS, the IRCT and partner’s. An unsusual deployment  – OH-1 set and raised the bar for DMATs that were in Theatre. Congratulations to all who traveled East and were the tip of the spear in Hartford CT and Burlington VT!  We are family….and this deployment exemplified this in FINE form.        20 September 2011


TS Irene – is winding up in the Caribbean. It is unclear what impact or where this will have on CONUS. Heighten your awareness, monitor email and NHC for updates and any changes in team posture. First Call continues through 31 Aug.       Posted:  2052 hrs          21 Aug 2011     Boudreaux


OH-1 is proud to have 13 of it’s members training shoulder to shoulder as part of the newest addition to the NDMS toolbox of strategic clinical specialists. They are bringing great honor to the OH-1 family and preparing to become active members of a “new breed” within the NDMS cadre!    4 Aug 2011



Operation Brilliant Shield was a fantastic success! Congrats to the deployed FTX team members who rose to the occassion and demonstrated to NDMS and HHS what Razzle & Dazzle is truly all about – in OH-1 Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1 Aug 2011


Thank you Dr. Dave! It’s been a great ride. Good Luck in Washington and leave a light on for us! It’s been a pleasure to serve under and with you as our Commander.                                                        Boudreaux et al  14 July 2011

July Meeting – 14 July 1900 hrs                               13 July 2011


Tim Walton, XO for NDMs will be present to roll out the transitional Command program and open applicatios process for the team. We will also be honoring Dave Miramontes MD our exiting Commander, as well as reviewing FTX plans.

Congratulations To Comm Chief Gerald Debien !!!!!!!  6 May 2011

  Brother Debien was honored on-stage at the Integrated Training Summit in Dallas this past week, as he was presented  the Distinguished DMAT Member award as our MOY by NDMS Director Jack Bell and representatives from DoD & VA. Your leadership team complimented this event with a rowdy verbalization of JERRY….JERRY…. JERRY as he walked across the stage –  which was well received by the 2000 plus attendees! Outstanding achievement by an outstanding OH-1 team member.

May = Backfill On-Call Month  1 May 2011


For those rostered for the May Backfill roster – maintain situational awareness and check emails/texts, etc frequently for any possible missions or status changes

Radiation training videos being posted on Members page    21 April 2011


 Responder Elearn Shortcut for New & Current Employees  11 January 2011

For those new members who cannot access E-learn because of their NEW status as NDMS employees or those that do not have the time to sit on-line in E-learn, we have created a venue for you to continue on your studies in lieu of having sign in capabilities and or time. We have posted the Power Point and Written overviews of the course work on this site for you to prepare for testing, when your sign in status is approved. This allows you to download and review the course work NOW and then when the time comes – you can set up your E-learn account and just take the tests/complete the post evals. The Powerpoint for Course 1010 is posted on the Training Page of this website. Courses 1020. 1030, 1040, 1050 1060, 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050 & 2060 are contained within the Team Members password protected portion of this site, as they contain more sensitive information. Please direct any questions etc to your Training Officers Mike O’Brien and Jeff Orphal.        Boudreuax


Listing of ALL monthly meeting dates for 2011 is now posted on Team Members page

OH-1 Team Pins Are IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that ordered the new TEAM PINS, the rest of the order has now arrived. They will be available at the October meeting. For those that did not order/pre-pay, you will have the chance (and after you see these you WILL WANT AT LEAST TWO) to place an order. Terms: cash or check when ordering.

Family Member Page Launched on OH-1 Website!

You will now find a Family Members page on this site. Your password can be found on the Members Page. The purpose of this page will be to provide a venue for our families to get up to date information on where we are, what we are doing and to follow us on our selected deployment journeys. A secure page, information can be shared to assure all that we are safe, secure and serving our country and our families…with pride. This page will be updated by our “home team” staff when we are “out the door”, with the goal of providing daily briefs, pictures, etc to our loved ones awaiting our return.

New “How To” videos now available on the OH-1 Website
20 Aug 2010

You saw a couple samples at the team meeting this past week. Now………you can, from the comforts of home – learn key new skills such as: How to Heat an MRE, Contents of an MRE, How to Fold BDU Blouse Sleeves and How To get those perfectly Bloused BDU Pants  Every Time! Just go to the TRAINING page of the team site and click on Video Archive. For refreshers, there is a Western Shelter video too….. As more videos are made available – they will added to the current viewing list in this area of the Training page.


Below you will find the serial ASP newsletters that contain interesting reading and information on ASPR/HHS and NDMS

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Contact Kathy D'Amore with questions about membership with OH-1 or any other administrative concerns.